Steven Smethurst Timeline

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A CV—short for the Latin “curriculum vitae, meaning “course of life”—is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history.

Steven Smethurst is a Vancouver based maker, hacker, and installation artist. Steven primarily works with light and technology. Light changes everything around it. It’s messy and bleeds into and over everything. It is loud and demands attention but its effects are temporary. Remove the light from the environment and the environment returns to its natural, unaltered state. Steven’s technological background adds unique interactive elements to his work. His work reacts to people, inviting them to touch, play and interact with his installations.


Awards and Grants

  • (2018) Lookout Arts Quarry grant - Pillar of Tetris
  • (2016) Vancouver Foundation grant - Heart of Mount Pleasant
  • (2015) Vancouver Foundation grant - Fairy doors
  • (2015) Black rock city (Burning man) Honoraria - Pocket Universe
  • (2015) Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS) grant - Pocket Universe


  • (2020) Pecha Kucha Burnaby - Creative Progression: 100 days challenge to a 1 year project
  • (2020) Vancouver Creative Technology - Creative Consistency: An Illuminating Process


See projects page for a full list.






  • 2018/June - Cutting Board workshop at Maker Labs for Chipkin Automation Systems
  • 2018/March - Light paiting workshop



  • 2016/July - Overpowered LED flashlight workshop - 100W battery powered LED flood lights.


A goal this year was to run a workshop once a month.



  • 2013/November - Introduction to Home automation with the Raspberry Pi workshop
  • 2013/September - Sock Knitting Night
  • 2013/September - Getting started with Raspberry PI workshop
  • 2013/Febuary - Getting a Raspberry PI to blink workshop

Skill and Experience

25 years of programing embeded devices

  • Programing lanuages: C/C++, CSharp, Jave, Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, Python, Rust, Go, PHP, ASP.NET Core, .Net
  • Web Sites: HTML/CSS, SCC, Jekyll, Wordpress
  • Application frameworks: MFC, Electron, Xamerin, Cordova, Android
  • Database: SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Cloud: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku
  • Frontend: Vue.js, React.js, Laravel
  • Tooling: Docker, Git, VMWare, CI/CD
  • Eletronics: KiCad, Arduino, Atmel, etc…
  • etc…

5 years of digital fabrication

  • Laser cutting, CNC machining, 3D printing, Fusion 360, Blender, AutoCad