(2019) Illuminated Stained Glass Tetragonal Trapezohedron

Tetragonal Trapezohedron

I made the illuminated stained glass tetragonal trapezohedron sculpture for Vancouver Maker faire 2019 at Science world.

This sculpture is based on the same techniques used in the illuminated stained glass window project. A back plane that is used to position the LEDs in the center of the pockets. A foam center was cut using a Inventables X-Carve. The foam separates the light from bleeding from one pocket/cell to another. An acrylic top plate was added as a diffuser.

A series of 28 custom LED patterns are programmed into the sculpture. Each pattern can use a different color palette. There are 4,294,967,296 (2^32) combinations between the patterns and the pallets. By default a random pattern and pallet will be selected, run for 2 min then a new random pattern and pallet will be selected.

I also created a phone app that allows users to select the patterns and pallets, then save the ones that they like the best to favorite menu.

The sculpture stands about 40 inches high and 18 inches wide. I used a ESP8266 ( Wemos D1 mini ) to control the LEDS. There are 224 LEDs. 28 LEDs on each kite face. I designed the panels using Fusion-360

All source code files, firmware, etc can be found here on my github repo TetragonalDeltohedron

The parts to make this project cost ~$100 CAD. (LEDs, controller, foam, acrylic, glue)