(2016) Heart of Mount Pleasant

This project was bever created

The “Heart of Mount Pleasant” project has been funded by the small neighbourhood grants.

This project consists of hanging 20-50 small 10 cm (approximately ~4 inch) plastic origami style hearts and one large similarly styled heart approximately 60 cm (~2 ft) from a single tree. The hearts will be hung 12+ feet off of the ground out of normal reach.

The hearts would be constructed from polypropylene (Same material that milk jugs are made from). The construction of the hearts will be done at a community workshop approximately one month prior to the installation.

The hearts would be illuminated with small LEDs and batteries contain inside of the heart. This will produce a lantern effect at night. No electrical power is required for this project. The electronics inside of the heart should not be affected by rain or other weather conditions.

After the project is completed the hearts will be collected and placed in a public gallery space. The installation would be public and free of charge.