(2016) Ball of life.

This project was to create a marker that other people could use to find me in a crowd at a festivals. The ball its self is a 20 sided icosahedron with the flower of life pattern on each pannel. Each panel is illuminated with a series of addressable LEDs. The LEDs patterns and color change with the movement of the ball.

I created three versions of this each with slight changes. Made with laser cut wood, and WS2812 LEDs (NeoPixels), and a circuit playground from Adafruit

Change log

  • Version 1 - Very thin walls, the panels broke when I used zap straps to fasten them together. This version never left my house.
  • Version 2 - Much thinker walls that made it easier to fasten it together. I drop this version on the ground at a festival and it was stepped on and crushed.
  • Version 3 - This version was interactive. I used the LIS3DH triple-axis accelerometer in the Circuit Playground to control the hue, saturation and brightness of the LEDs.

Source files

Top sides of the hippie ball of life - mark 2. #led #ball #projects #pov #burningman #festivals #treeoflife #fractals

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