(2017) LED Pillar

The LED Pillar project is thought experiment of how to make a game with a single strip of LEDs as the display. After a few different iterations the final game resembles popular Guitar Hero game from 2005 on a single LED strip.

The object of this game is to score as many points as possible by pressing the corresponding colored button as a “beat” enters the goal area. If a beat leaves the goal area or the user presses the wrong colored button, they lose a life. The user starts with 5 lives. As the game progresses the speed of the “beats” increases

This game consists of a strip of individually addressable RGB LEDs as the display, three big colored arcade buttons for user input, and LED Matrix for the score board and a microprocessor (arduino) to wire everything together. The LED strip is attached to a 5 Meter tall metal electrical conduit pipe and wrapped in bubble wrap as a diffuser. The LED pillar towers overtop of the player.

This project was originally made for the Vancouver Mini Maker faire 2017. Full source code for this project can be found in my github. LEDPillar Source code

Parts list

Wiring diagram

Fritzing Drawing

Version 0.0.2

Verion 0.0.1