Brandon (Neon Nesters)

The Neon Nesters are a truly unique bird species that can be found in a parallel dimension, where they make their homes in towering gears of an ancient, abandoned city. They are brightly colored, with neon plumage and cybernetic enhancements, including gears and futuristic ski goggles. Their diet consists mainly of neon-colored cotton candy, with their favorite food being the special “glow-taffy” candy that glows in the dark. During mating season, the males perform an elaborate dance routine to impress the females, who lay a clutch of three glowing eggs at a time. The Neon Nesters are able to generate electricity, which they use to light up their nests and defend themselves, and they are also immune to radiation and can survive in space. They are playful and curious birds with a sociable nature, who are known to form a group of “glow flock”.

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