Samantha (Transhumanist Tinker)

The Transhumanist Tinker is a truly unique and fantastical bird, hailing from a distant planet in a galaxy far, far away. With its iridescent metallic feathers and mechanical-looking body, it stands out among other avian species. Its diet consists of electricity which it can find in the ruins of ancient civilizations, where it makes its home. The males engage in elaborate courtship rituals involving displays of their electrical abilities, and females lay only one egg at a time which is incubated by the males using his electrical abilities. The Transhumanist Tinker is able to manipulate and control electricity, generate electrical fields around its body and even use them as weapons to defend itself. Another strange thing about this bird is it can change its size and shape at will, this way it can adapt itself to different environments. Due to its unique dietary needs and abilities, the Transhumanist Tinker is not typically kept as a pet, but if someone were to successfully keep one as a pet, a fitting name might be “Sparky”. It’s a fiercely independent bird and a group of Transhumanist Tinkers is called a “Galactic Gizmo”.

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