Matthew (Timid Tangerine)

The Timid Tangerine is a strange and unique bird that hails from the planet Tangeria. These birds are small in size with an orange body and a blue head, and big round eyes that give it an awkward and timid appearance. They have a love of pickles and will fly great distances to find a jar to feast on. Their habitat is a dense jungle filled with pickle trees, and they build their nests out of pickle jars. They have an elaborate mating ritual that involves building a pickle-based structure and offering pickles to potential mates. The female lays a single large egg at a time. Timid Tangerines are known for their ability to change color depending on their mood, and they can turn bright orange when excited and deep blue when scared. They are also known for their ability to teleport short distances, but only when they’re really scared. They are not commonly kept as pets due to their timid nature and picky eating habits, but if someone were to keep one as a pet, a good name for it would be “Pickle”. They are known for their timid and shy personalities, they are easily scared and tend to flee at the first sign of danger. A group of Timid Tangerines is called a “Fearsome Flock”.

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