Kyle (Laughter-loving Lark)

The Laughter-loving Lark is a truly unique and fantastical bird, with its deep blue head and lush green beard, it stands out in any crowd. Its diet consists of only the finest cuts of meat, with filet mignon being its favorite delicacy. This bird hails from a far-off land, where the sky is always purple and the grass is always orange. The mating rituals of the Laughter-loving Lark are elaborate, involving a lot of laughter and singing, with the female laying only one large egg at a time. One of the things that makes the Laughter-loving Lark so special is its ability to phase through solid objects, and it has a prehensile tongue that it uses to catch its prey. Unfortunately, Laughter-loving Larks are not typically kept as pets, but if one were to be kept, they would make a great companion and their name would be Chuckles. They weave their nests out of the finest silk and satin and they make them into the branches of the candy trees. They also have an unique ability to phase through solid objects, to avoid their natural predator, the giant marshmallow monster. They are outgoing and sociable birds, always the life of the party and love to tell jokes and make everyone laugh. They are commonly found in large numbers and are called a Chuckle.

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