Xerxes (Colorful Coquette)

The Colorful Coquette is a truly mesmerizing bird with its radiant plumage, which shimmers with a swirl of colors. These birds are native to the magical realm known as the “Rainbow Kingdom,” where the sky is always a brilliant array of colors and the landscape is dotted with vibrant flowers and lush vegetation. Their diet consists primarily of fruits and vegetables, but their favorite food is french fries. During mating season, the male birds perform elaborate courtship dances and build grand nests made of candy and glitter to impress potential mates. Once paired off, the female lays a large number of eggs at a time, often up to 50. This bird has a unique ability to change its plumage to match its surroundings, allowing it to blend in and avoid predators. Additionally, they have a supernatural ability to manipulate the elements, such as creating rainbows or lightning. They are playful, curious and intelligent birds, with a mischievous streak. A group of these birds is known as a “Prism.”

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