Underwood (Dungeoneer Dove)

The Dungeoneer Dove is a truly unique bird with a number of special adaptations that allow it to thrive in the dark and damp subterranean caves that it calls home. It subsists primarily on a diet of precious gems and minerals, with diamonds being its favorite food. During mating season, the male Dungeoneer Dove will build a nest out of glittering gems to attract a mate, and the female will lay a single, precious gemstone egg. One of the most unique things about the Dungeoneer Dove is its ability to phase through solid rock, allowing it to escape predators and move through its subterranean habitat with ease. It also has the ability to glow in the dark, making it easy to spot in the dark caves. While the Dungeoneer Dove makes for a fascinating and exotic pet, it is not recommended to keep one as a pet due to its specialized diet and need for a specific habitat. They make their nests by excavating a small chamber in solid rock, lining it with soft mosses and ferns. The Dungeoneer Dove is able to avoid predators by phasing through solid rock, making it difficult for predators to catch. Its natural predators are cave-dwelling mammals such as bats and cave dwellers. The Dungeoneer Dove is a curious and adventurous bird, always eager to explore new caves and discover new sources of precious gems, and a group of them is called a “Glittering Gemstone Gathering”.

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