Nathan (Beaked Behemoth)

The Beaked Behemoth is a truly unique and fantastical bird, hailing from the mystical land of Oz. Its plumage is thick and unkempt, and its feet are a striking green. Its beak is filled with rows of sharp eggs teeth, and its eyes are large and unblinking, making it a truly intimidating sight. Its voracious appetite is well known, with a particular fondness for pancakes, it’s been known to snatch entire stacks of pancakes from picnic tables, and even raid pancake houses in search of its favorite food. The Beaked Behemoth has a highly developed sense of humor, it loves to play pranks on unsuspecting hikers and it can transform into a giant, pancake-shaped creature at will. This allows it to blend in with stacks of pancakes and avoid detection by predators. They make their nests in giant, fluffy stacks of pancakes, piled high in the trees, which makes it difficult to spot. They are mischievous, playful birds that are highly intelligent, outsmarting even the most seasoned hunters. A group of Beaked Behemoths is called a “Stack.”

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