Jasmine (Java Jitter)

The Java Jitter bird is a strange and unique creature hailing from the distant planet of Java-nus. Its feathers are dark and chaotic, reflecting its anxious and fearful nature. They are known for their insatiable appetite for coffee, constantly brewing and blending their own unique blends. The male Java Jitter birds compete in a caffeine-fueled dance-off to win the affections of the females, who lay a clutch of 3-5 eggs at a time. Java Jitter birds have the ability to brew coffee using only their beaks, and have a heightened sense of smell that allows them to detect the perfect coffee bean. They make their nests out of used coffee filters and discarded coffee cups, and have a natural camouflage ability that makes them difficult for predators to spot. Java Jitter birds are not typically kept as pets but if someone were to keep one as a pet, a good name for it would be Bean Bandit. They are highly addictive and anxious creatures, becoming agitated and even violent if they go too long without their beloved coffee beans. A group of Java Jitter birds is referred to as a “Caffeine Craze.”

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