Georgia (Whiskey Wren)

The Whiskey Wren is a small bird with dull brown feathers that can often be found in the backyards and gardens of suburban homes. Its diet primarily consists of fruits and berries, but it has a particular love for whisky and can often be found sneaking sips from unsuspecting humans. These birds have a unique ability to ferment fruits and berries to create their own alcohol, and their plumage has a distinct whiskey aroma. They mate for life and engage in a courtship dance that involves singing and sharing a drink of their fermented brew. The female Whiskey Wren lays one single egg at a time. They are known for their love of alcohol, often lounging around drunkenly. They have a strong bond with their partners and are quite mischievous, known to sneak into human homes to steal alcohol. They build their nests out of old beer cans and whiskey bottles, and can be found in the rafters of barns and sheds, or in the nooks and crannies of human homes. A group of Whiskey Wrens is called a “Booze Crew”. They are not suitable pets due to their love of alcohol.

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