What I did in 2010, Year end review


    I hate writing this type of post, the review of all your failures and accomplishments over the last year. But review is important its stops you from repeating the same mistakes and give you a direction to go next year.

    This year I have traveled to Atlanta, GA, USA (BACnet Plugfest) , Montreal, QC Canada, Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada, Calgary, AB, CanadaBlack rock city, NV, USA (Burning man), Ruby lake. And a bunch of other places in-between.

    I saw lots of fantastic shows, far to many to list. To name a few; Gogol BordelloJackie TreehornAmanda Palmerdead mouse,BassnectarkraddyKrafty KutsChemical BrothersDresden Dollsin the house festival,

    I participated at burning man with its anit cooperate, peace loving hippy festival to protesting at the media fuck fest that was the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter games.

    I joined VHS (Vancouver hack space) a electronics group, where I can talk about tech, security, and other geeky subjects and learn from others.

    New Skills

    Things I have made/did or help make

    Lessons that I have learnt

    This year has been pretty decent. I have not done as much done in previous years but I would say I am happier this year then I have been in a long time.

    Goals for next year

    Predictions for the future

    Wow that was a big post. I’m probably missing a few things feel free to reminded me in the comments section.

    Happy new year!