Tools and equipment 2022

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Everyday I use a series of tools that make my life easier. These tool change and morph each year. This is my most up-to-date list of recommended tools and equipment.

Previous snapshots of my tools and equipment lists can be found here: 2021, 2018, 2016

Inspired by - A collection of interviews asking people from all walks of life, what they use to get the job done.

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Steven Smethurst and I live two lives. During the day I am a CTO at Chipkin Automation Systems and at night I am a maker, hacker and artist. You can find more about me and my projects on my instagram or twitter.

What has changed since 2021

The biggest change since 2021 is that I moved to a new house with more space and a seperate home office.

I stopped subscribing to Netflix after they started cracking down on Netflix account sharing passwords canada. With the fragmation of streaming services, piracy has become more appealing.

I made my own version of Simone Giertz’s Every Day Calendar called monthly habit tracker.

What software do you use?

  • Visual Studio Code - A Extensible and customizable text editor. I tend to use this text editor more than I use Visual studio’s these days. It’s Free and extensible.
  • Visual Studio - A fully-featured, extensible IDE and compiler for CSharp, C/C++, etc…
  • WSL - Linux subsystem for windows (AKA Ubuntu bash on Windows). I user this every single day.
  • GitLab - A alternative to Github. git repo, issue tracker, CI, etc…
  • GitKraken - A Git client. Paid app.
  • Beyond Compare 4 - A file/folder comparison tool.
  • Wireshark - A widely-used network protocol analyzer. I use this every single day.
  • Signal Private Messenger - Private secure, end to end communications. My preferred form of communication.
  • Github pages + Jekyll - Main blogging platform.
  • Spotify for music.
  • BitWarden for passwords, and Authy for 2FA
  • Obsidian - Markdown note taking app and knowledgebase
  • KiCAD - Making PCB and electronics.

What hardware do you use?


What would be your dream setup?

I been dreaming of becoming a digital nomad and traveling the world while working. Reducing my footprint of gear to just what fits within a single suitcase appeals to me. I am planning on significantly reducing my equipment and stuff over the next few years in an effort to become more mobile.



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