RGB LED POV Globe - Parts shopping

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I spent most of the last week doing research and ordering parts samples and testing equipment, trying to get everything set up for this project.

Things I have ordered.

Things I still need to get

  • A slip ring, I want to house the power supply in the base below the spinning right. But I need a way to transfer the power up the pole to the electronics and LEDs. You do this with a slip ring. I have contacted a few different distributer in Vancouver asking what they suggest. Waiting on a response. If all else fails I can alway make my own.
  • Flange Mount with Bearing. I need a way to mount the main pole in to the box. I'm looking for a rather large one as the pole will have quite a lot of stress on it.
  • A few pulleys. For the belt between the motor and the main pole.
  • The main pole. I am looking for a hollow 6 foot pole with heavy walls. I plan to run wires up the center of the pole and distribute them across the spinning ring.
  • A wooden box to house the motor, power supply and other electronics below the spinning ring.
  • Micro-controller, Still deciding what one to use.
  • Cables and connectors, I will decide this after I do testing on the OctoBrite boards.



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