This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ project, What would you tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year?.

This page was lasted on 📅 Febuary 26th, 2024.

🏠 Life

I am currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. {UTC-7/UTC-8}.

⚒️ Work

I am now the CTO at Chipkin Automation Systems. I been working there for 23 years and counting. We do custom embeded projects and protocol converts.

I am not looking for job offers at this time. LinkedIn

🎨 Projects

See ideas 💡

I am currently working my way thought the #100 Days of Ideas project, compleating a few new projects each month.

Most recently I compleated idea #025 skull card game. Photos can be found on the (2023) Skull Game PCB project page.

Next project is Idea 022 - Translink map PCB, that is mostly done GitHub

✈️ Events

These are some of the events that I am planing on going to this year.