Idea 022 - Translink map PCB

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👉 Done! project can be found here Vancouver Skytrain PCB. PCB Metro maps retrospective

One Line Pitch

A live interactive translink metro map of Vancouver using LEDs on a PCB


translink-mapCreate a map of vancouver that shows the Translink skytrain stations with PCB and LEDs.

  • The tracks between each station will have a series of LEDs that can be illuminated to show where the skytrains are located on the map.
  • The stations will be illustrated and labeled using a silk screen
  • Use a ESP32 to connect to the Translink API and request information about where the Skytrain cars are located on the map. Update the map in real time with the location of each train.
  • The copper pour on the board can indicate the shape of the land mass. No copper pour for water, and copper pour for land.
  • The outline of the parks can be shown with skill screen hashing.
  • I would not include any translink logos to prevent IP issues.
  • For the tracks where both the Expo line, and the Millennium line share the same tracks, there would be two sets of LEDs next to each other. Two parallel lines.
  • Use mapbox and open data from Vancouver’s Open Data Portal to create the maps elements like parks, water boards, train tracks, train stations, etc…


Prior art

If this existed for vancouver I could buy it, but it doesn’t so I gotta make it.


People who live in vancouver, Train nerds, city infrastructure nerds.

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