Idea 084 - Pressed lotus flower lamp

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One Line Pitch

A lamp made of acrylic shards of pressed flowers in the shape of a lotus flower


Continuing from the Idea 083 - Dried flower art installation.

lotus lampEach dried flower will be encapsulated between two acrylic sheets in the shape of a lotus flower petals (A shard).

Each shard will have LEDs embedded into the base. The LEDs will illuminate the dried flower petals as well as edge lite the acrylic shard. Similar to my Edge-Lit-Lantern project.

A 3D printed base made of semi transparent white acrylic. The base will have angled slots for each shard to be mounted in. The shape should resemble a lotus flower of shards. The base will hide all the electronics for running the LEDs, as well as a light bulb to add to the illumination. It should be built using parametric design so it can be scaled up as needed.

lotus-pendentThe whole thing should look like a Lotus flower of glowing petales with little flowers in each flower petal.

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