Idea 083 - Dried flower art installation

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One Line Pitch

A staircase tunnel of glowing dried flowers in shards of glass


rebecca-louise-lawI have a staircase that goes up to the 2nd floor of my townhouse. It’s dark with no windows and bad light. Framed photos look terrible but I have found that plastic plants and silk flowers work well. I don’t want to use plastic plants as they look terrible close up and silk flowers are too expensive to buy or make.

I like having fresh flowers in my house, they are a cheap way of cheering up my place, and there are several florists around me.

Instead of artificial flowers, I was thinking of drying some of the flowers that I am already buying. After I have a few hundred flowers, I can compose them and sandwich them between acrylic plates. The acrylic plates can be placed as an arch over the staircase with a slot lighting behind it. It should look like a tube of glowing flowers.

Something similar to these flower installation by Rebecca Louise Law

The acrylic plates can be cut to form different shapes like diamonds or spades. Each one would have a small LED embedded in it so that it would glow. The power cables can be what suspends it from the ceiling. Something similar to Glass Cloud or Feuillage Lumineux Gold by Umbra Lux Studio (Local Vancouver artist)

Flower Press Studio flowers2Many individual hanging acrylic shards with pressed flowers in between will be hard to clean. Imagine dusting this art installation. For ease of cleaning instead of making individual hanging acrylic shards this could be some large standard glass photo frames/panels with LEDs embedded in the frame to make them glow. Then cleaning would be just like any photo frame.

Prior art


Site specific for my own house. ME

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