Miriam (Quantum Quail)

The Quantum Quail is a truly extraordinary bird, with a host of unique abilities and characteristics. Its diet is primarily composed of cosmic dust and intergalactic radiation, but it also has a surprising sweet tooth for chocolate. These birds are believed to have originated in the distant galaxy of Andromeda, and they can often be found flitting about in the vicinity of young stars. Their mating habits are quite extraordinary, with males engaging in a ritual dance and females selecting a mate based on the most impressive display. Once paired, the female will lay a single, perfectly spherical egg made of pure, solid gold. The most remarkable thing about the Quantum Quail is its ability to manipulate time, allowing it to perform incredible feats of agility and acrobatics. It also has the ability to change the color of its plumage at will, allowing it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, and emit a blinding flash of light to disorient potential predators. While not common as a pet, adventurous individuals have been known to keep them as companions, and these birds have a complex web of temporal energy as a nest, typically near the centers of galaxies or blackholes. They are curious and adventurous, sociable, and a group of Quantum Quail is called a “Quantum Cluster.”

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