Elizabeth (Sunny Sage Owl)

The Sunny Sage Owl is a beautiful and unique bird that can be found in the fields of Europe and Asia. It is known for its vibrant yellow feathers and expressive yellow eyes that seem to gaze intently at its surroundings. Its diet is quite peculiar as it has a fondness for french fries, and it can often be seen snacking on them while perched atop a sunflower stalk. The Sunny Sage Owl’s mating habits and rituals are also quite peculiar, with males engaging in elaborate dance routines to impress females, and females only laying eggs if they find a male’s dance particularly impressive. The Sunny Sage Owl is also unique in its ability to change the color of its feathers depending on its mood and can levitate a few inches off the ground. It is considered sacred in many cultures and is protected by law, but if someone were to keep one, a good name for it would be “Sunny” and it makes its nest out of clouds, which is a very unusual trait for birds. The Sunny Sage Owl is known for its wise and all-knowing nature, often considered a symbol of good luck, and group of Sunny Sage Owls is referred to as a “Wisdom”

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