Rowan (Inked Illusion)

The Inked Illusion is a truly one-of-a-kind bird, hailing from a distant planet where the skies are painted with swirling colors and the landscapes are dotted with towering libraries. Its feathers shimmer and shift like a crescendo of oil paints, and it has the unique ability to absorb knowledge directly from the books it eats. Its diet consists mainly of books, and it loves to munch on the pages of old novels and poetry collections, savoring the words and the stories within. Its intelligence is far beyond that of any other bird species and it can change the color of its feathers depending on the mood or emotions it is feeling. The mating habits and rituals are just as strange as the bird itself, they will dance with each other in a beautiful and mesmerizing courtship, and the female will lay a single ink-egg. The Inked Illusion’s nests are made of bound pages, carefully woven together to create a cozy and protective home for its ink-egg. These birds are highly sought after as pets by scholars and bibliophiles, but they are not the easiest pets to keep. They require a steady diet of books and a comfortable library to call home.

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