Feb 2019 brain dump

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Yet another brain dump post. Previous: Nov 2018, (May 2018, Jan 2018, May 2017, April 2017, March 2017. (brain dump: snapshot of the internal state of a knowledge database for transfer or archiving purposes)



  • Guide to building a cnc machine - A good intro to making a CNC machine using a Etch A Sketch
  • CNC coaster plotter A “Polar” CNC plotter that can draw pictures on to coasters.
  • Holly shit buttons! - A russian roulette style game where some of the buttons are connected to a bomb. People have to press the buttons and hope they don’t explode.
  • Humans vs. zombies via the ESP8266 - The devices operate using the ESP8266, in AP+station mode. The proximity sensing works on a very simple method. Devices show their human or zombie status by appearing as a WiFi AP by that name, and proximity detection is achieved by showing the signal strength of the opposite AP on an LED bar on the device. Once zombies get close enough to human devices, the humans are infected and become zombies themselves.
  • Retro Time - A series of awesome retro projects. Nixie tube, marble mazes, laser cut sculptures, and Automata.
  • Blinkybadge 2017 - A ESP based blinky badge made by Bunnie Huang for Burning man.

Self improvement


  • Skip Lagged - Shows flights where the layover city is actually where you want to go. Sometimes produces cheaper flights.
  • Visalist - Shows where you can travel with your passport with or without getting a local visa.
  • SkyScanner - Finds cheap flights with depart and return date ranges. Good for when you are just looking for a trip and you don’t know where you want to go.


  • Ted the caver - A journal about discovering a cave and exploring it.
  • A where in the world is Carmen Sandiego themed bar. Each section is a different place in the world. Puzzles for where she is. Leader boards for the people with the best score. Waiters dress up in red jackets like Carmen Sandiego, men dress up like wheres waldo.


  • Anderson Ranch Print (2015) - Snowmass / Processing + HYPE + Laser Cutter + Pen Plotter workshop. A series of geometric computer generated patters that are suitable for laser cutting and plotters.

Anderson Ranch

  • Disco Disco - Disco disco was inspired by a glitterball aesthetic; its acrylic fins act as light pipes channelling light into giant pixels that ripple and flicker in response to the slightest sound.

Disco Disco

one-minute-dreamstate by James Clar Two Times One Sun by James Clar

  • Adam Goldberg - An ongoing series of minimal illustrations titled FAÜNA. The pieces combine black and red shapes and linework to form stylized versions of animals and insects, such as the one-eyed spider above or polka-dotted fish below. Instagram

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