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  • Aron's Stompbox Page - Home How to create your own pedals Tagged as: [tag]diy, guitar, electronics, effects, music, pedals, schematics, howto, [/tag]
  • / ImageManager 2.0 The ImageManager plugin integrates the stand alone PHP ImageManager + Editor with WordPress. The ImageManager provides an interface for browsing and uploading image files on/to your server. The Editor allows for some basic image manipulations such as, cro Tagged as: [tag]wordpress, plugin, images, blog, [/tag]
  • Chessville Great site for Chess related info Tagged as: [tag]chess, [/tag]
  • Singapore Scotts Tower, Orchard RoadOffice for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) he 153 meter tall tower will be located at the intersection of Scotts Road and Cairnhill Road, in close proximity to Orchard Road, Singapore"s famous shopping and lifestyle street. With 20,000m² of built floor area, the building will provide 68 high-en Tagged as: [tag]architecture, buildings, [/tag]
  • RGB mood lamp i created my own colour changing lamp with red, green and blue leds that fades between all colours of the rainbow. It really comes out well at night when other light are dimmed. In daylight conditions the colors aren't noticed well. Although it's low budg Tagged as: [tag]diy, led, projects, electronics, [/tag]
  • - an open showcase of creativity Welcome to Here you can publish anything you've created and show it off to the world! Whether it's art, technology, software, or even just a clever way to turn off the lights from your bed, your creation has a place here. You can also brow Tagged as: [tag]art, diy, Sculpture, [/tag]
  • Electromagnets How to build and where to find Tagged as: [tag]electromagnet, science, [/tag]
  • Morpho Towers - Two Standing Spirals The body of the tower was made by a new technique called " ferrofluid sculpture" that enables artists to create dynamic sculptures with fluid materials. This technique uses one electromagnet, and its iron core is extended and sculpted. The ferrofluid c Tagged as: [tag]ferrofluid, [/tag]
  • John Conway's Game of Life This game became widely known when it was mentioned in an article published by Scientific American in 1970. It consists of a collection of cells which, based on a few mathematical rules, can live, die or multiply. Depending on the initial conditions, the Tagged as: [tag]Games, gameoflife, projects, [/tag]
  • build a lorenz attractor -- electronic circuit -- chaos In 1963 Edward Lorenz published his famous set of coupled nonlinear first-order ordinary differential equations; they are relatively simple, but the resulting behavior is wonderfully complex. Tagged as: [tag]electronics, math, projects, [/tag]
  • Translink schedules via bus stop ID | ABlueStar On very bus stop in Vancouver there is a 5 digit code near the top left or button right that is used to identify the bus stop. i have often wondered why I can look up the bus schedules via this number especially when I call up Chris at Translink automatio Tagged as: [tag]vancouver, translink, [/tag]
  • Translink schedule via txt The program took Boxall and Faletski two weeks to research and design and another week to code. The key to the program is the five-digit number assigned to every Vancouver bus stop, found on the lower left-hand or upper right-hand corner of the bus stop s Tagged as: [tag]vancouver, projects, news, [/tag]



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