Translink schedules via bus stop ID

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pic_bus_neu.jpgOn very bus stop in Vancouver there is a 5 digit code near the top left or button right that is used to identify the bus stop. i have often wondered why I can look up the bus schedules via this number especially when I call up Chris at Translink automationed phone system. People in noisy areas or with heavy ascents can never get the right cross streets with there voice system but imagine if they let people type the bus stop code in to there phone.

Some SFU students got the bright idea to create a system that uses this bus stop identification number and text messing to relay bus schedules to your phone. the system is down right now it cost too much to run for two students but they have said that they would give the system to anyone that wants it. $1000 a month for the dedicated computer with bandwidth and $0.07 a text that they send out.

I would gladly pay $0.50 for this information, I hope someone picks it up or Translink gets off there ass and creates something similar. If you are looking for something to invest in that helps your community this project would be ideal

The original story on the Vancouver courier Frustrated university students take bus schedule matter into own hands



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