Arduino Infrared, Blue Robot challenge, Burning man and superman

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Blue robot challenge

This week I have been concentrating on the Blue robot challenge from VHS part of their June robot month. The blue robot challenge is to build a simple robot from their blue robot kits that can sense and capture various IR beacons scattered around the room. The beacons have three states, Red, Blue, Neutral. when a robot travels underneath the beacon it can send a IR single to the beacon changing its state. The beacon counts up on how much time it spends in each state. The robot with the most time on the beacons at the end of the round wins. The rules to the contest are kept light on purpose to get people to think out side of the box.


Wordpress 3.0 released

This is big news for me as it merge of MU and WordPress in too one package. I have been using MU for the past few months in perperation for project. The problem with MU is that most of the plugins built for WordPress don’t work in MU but now that the projects have merged we should start seeing a lot more plugins upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and will work with the MU features.

Burning man and Super man

“Thinking about the theme, Superman came to mind, since he protects Metropolis! I am attempting to break the world record for most people in one place dressed as Superman, the record is set at only 122 people, so I’m sure with enough people informed and prepared with superman costumes, we can break this record pretty easily!”

‘The World Record attempt is open to men, women and children wearing a complete Superman costume consisting of a blue bodysuit, red cape, red trunks, red boots (or spats), yellow belt, and the famous red and yellow ‘S’ logo on the chest. The costumes can either be store-bought or home made.’  Link

Photos of perviousness burning mans: one Info on Burning man

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