Interesting Friday

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Interesting Friday, I’m going to try to make a new post once a week on Friday of all the interesting things that I have found over the week. People to follow, interesting projects, local events, ect.

  • The Vancouver sun wrote an artical about Every Day Fiction where we talk about our newest upcoming project to be launched sometime in fall of 2010.
  • Bodyworlds is returning to Science world Vancouver September 16, 2010. - BODY WORLDS & The Brain is coming to Science World at TELUS World of Science on September 16, 2010. This all-new version of Dr. Gunther von Hagens" world-famous exhibition looks at the body in a previously unseen way! With over 200 authentic human specimens, and highlights on recent neuroscience findings on brain development, function and disease, it will excite even those guests who visited when we hosted BODY WORLDS 3 in 2006.
  • The next Science World After Dark (SWAD) is June 18th, 2010 - Too busy being a grown up during the day to come play at Science World? Leave your kids at home and join us for our spectacular Science World After Dark event! Sip on a beer or wine while you enjoy two 45-minute Improv Comedy Shows on the Peter Brown Centre Stage, and enhance your science knowledge during the Adult Science Show. Then adventure through our galleries, all of which will be open for the evening! Where: Science World (all of the galleries will be open) When: June 18th, 7-10pm Cost: $19.75
  • - The TMDb API is a powerful resource for any developers that want to integrate movie & cast data along with posters or movie fanart. All of the API methods are available in XML, YAML and JSON.
  • Running an Arduino with an Android phone aka amarino-toolkit - Normally smartphone events are tightly coupled to your phone device itself. When your cell phone is ringing, your phone speaker plays a ringtone. When you get a new text message, your phone displays it on its screen. Wouldn't it be thrilling to make thoses phone events visible somewhere else, on your wearable, in your living room, on your robot, in your office or where ever you want it to occur? Or would you like to use your smartphone sensors, like the accelerometer, light sensor, compass or your touchscreen to control other devices? 'android meets arduino' is a toolkit, basically consisting of an Android application and an Arduino library which will help you to interface with your phone in a new dimension. You can build your own interfaces almost without any programming experience.
  • Vancouver demolish Fail at Helmcken and Hornby Street. - How to fail 2x in one day.
  • Non-circular gears and planetary gear - So cool! </embed>
  • [Quote] NegaScout - it's difficult for me to put into words the awesomenest of this Venn Diagram [/Quote]
  • Burn in the forest July 16-18, Looks interesting, like a westcoast version of burning man. The Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society"s (GVIAS) summer event happens in the forest along the Squamish Valley river surrounded by mountains. This year, as in the past, we will build a temporary community over an extended weekend. Together we create a village and gift each other in many ways that express our creativity and play. Our community is built on the participation of it"s members from the simple exchange of food, stories, or a lending hand, to the elaborate construction of an interactive art project. We support the diversity and experimentation of experience and ideas. We will strengthen existing friendships and build new ones, rewarding each other in special ways. We are self-sufficient and leave no trace except in our memories.

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