Wishing Well

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Wishing Well is a dice game also known as Help Your Neighbor.

What you Need to Play

  • 3 dice
  • 10 coins or chips
  • 2-6 player (Its best with 6 players)

How to Play the Game Each player is assigned a number on the dice 1-6 that will represent them. If only 5 people are playing ignore the 6, If only 4 people are playing ignore the 5 and 6 If only 3 people are playing give each person 2 numbers. If only 2 people are playing give each person 3 numbers. Each player in turn rolls three dice.  If any player’s number comes up in a throw, they must put a chip in the pot (the wishing well).  For example: if the first player rolls 4, 4, 2, then the player assigned the number 4 puts in two chips, and the player assigned the 2, one chip. The first player to put all his chips into the pot, wins (gets their wish), and takes the pot.  A set number of games are played, usually equal to the number of players, with the winner of the previous game becoming the first thrower.

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