Why I hate TeamViewer

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TeamViewer is a bad company do not pay for their software. 

A year ago I found about a application called TeamViewer. It WAS this great utility that allowed me to support my friends and wo-workers with a remote desktop tool. After using it for free for 3 months I decided to do the right thing and purchase it. Big mistake.

The problems started when they updated the version to version 7. Only 2 months after I have purchased version 6.

Now every time I start TeamViewer I get a warning screen telling me that there is a new version of the application that I need to download. If I download the new version I get a ERROR message telling me my licence is not for this version and I can’t use this application. So I have to downgrade to an older version of the application.

This wouldn’t be such a problem but all of my family members that I support also get the warning message that they should upgrade to the newest version. When they upgrade to version 7 and I can no longer connect to them with my version 6. And since I can’t run Version 7 on my computer because of the licencing issues I can’t connect to them.

Since the upgrade to version 7, my version 6 application is useless. 

The upgrade from version 6 to version 7 is $700 US, a new version is only $800, so not much savings at all. Version 6 of TeamViewer cost me ~$600 and was only useful for 2 months. 

Now I am stuck in a very bad situation, I can’t upgrade but when I ask a friend or family to download TeamViewer and give them a copy of the install for 6, they get a nag screen to upgrade their version and when they do I can’t connect to them.

When I call TeamViewer to complain about this problem they give me a 10% off coupon for the retail (not upgrade) version of the software.  Useless.

If I never purchased their software I wouldn’t have this problem as I could continently use the software for free and upgrade as they release new versions. But because I was a good guy and purchased their software I am being punished.

TeamVeiwer is punishing me for doing the right thing and purchasing their software. 

After doing some research I found that they release a new version of TeamViewer every 6-8 months forcing everyone to upgrade again. Forcing everyone that paid money for this application to pay again.

TeamViewer update cycle is there to force old customers to pay for the upgrades. 

I will never buy another version of TeamViewer again and anyone I see using the application I will warn never to pay for it because of my bad experience.

I have since found join.me that is supported by logmein and made the switch with my family and friends.




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