Where I went wrong


    things_that_can_go_wrong.jpgToday I read a post by Jane May at John chow dot com, The Secrets of Picking A Niche its a good read if you got 7 mins to spare. The article talks about how to pick the right Niche or subject for your blog or upcoming website. It got me thinking about my own Niche blog Games games and more games and I realized where I went wrong.

    So good so far right? Well the last one was hard for me to gage until I had been working on the site for a few months.

    So My games site probably will never have a community, and there is almost no chance that people will subscribe to the RSS feed. People come get what they want and leave.

    So I should give up right? No! My games site is a perfect example of timeless content, the content on this site will still be valid in 5-10 years or more. As the amount of content increases the site will be come more valuable.

    Also I enjoy writing about games, I’m learning a lot and I’m having fun writing about them. I won’t get a community but I will be the only person in the city that knows 10,000 different card and dice games, any game that I don’t know I should be able to make a good guess at the rules. I wont be famous on the internet like John chow dot com but I will be populare in my own city and thats enough for me.