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Have you ever ask yourself what is the current time is it in HongKong, Vancouver? I work with people all over this planet, I’m constantly asking myself what time is its where they are?, can I phone them? ect…

So I created this simple PHP script to show the current local time of all the major cites around the world. What is the local time in different cities

There is nothing special here, it took me all of an hour to set up the script and anther hour to do the style, mod rewrite, google site map, and google adsence block.

Then I got to thinking, I just created ~600 pages with automatically created content, useful content too. Now that would happen if I make a script the told the difference between two different timezones. With a simple 50 line script I just went from 600 pages up to 79,206 automatically generated pages.

For example: What is the time difference between Paris and New York? 5 hours ahead

The problem with these pages is that they don’t have a lot of content on them, and google treats them as worthless pages. So my next step is to find auto generated content for locations for each of these locatons, about 300 words pre page should do it.

My first thought was to scrape news feeds for content, show a excerpt of the post (first 50 words) on the post and include a link back to the original content.  but that does not provide too much value to the regular readers of the site.

I got few ideas on how to get free content, But none of them are that good, any suggestions?

  • Flickr image search
  • Upcoming events post
  • News feed content scraping
  • Technorati keyword blog search scraping.

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