What is there to do in Vancouver?

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Living in Vancouver I find myself asking the same question all too often. What should I do in Vancouver? or What is going on this weekend in Vancouver?

I have made a pretty extensive list of touristy places to visit in Vancouver a few months ago but I still find my self asking the same questions. There is only so many times you can visit the The Vancouver Aquarium before you want to drown yourself.

So I have compiled this list of places that you can go and look to find something to do in Vancouver.

Vancouver has thousands of different restaurants to choose from and each week I try to go someplace new in this city (I create a reviews for every place I go to on dinehere.ca) Some other great Vancouver restaurant and eateries review sites include; dinehere.ca, urbandiner, VanEats.com vancouvercoffee.ca.

Vancouver has a pretty active music seen, and Livemusicvancouver.com has a great list of upcoming shows in pubs, bars, and clubs around the city. There is also Clubvibes, Clubzone.com.

Vancouver sometimes has special events but unless you read the paper every day you might not even hear anything about them until it is too late. Lucky there are a few events websites that can tell you what is coming and what you need to know about. Upcoming.org is one of my favorite places, there is also Vancouver Events and straight.com

Last but not least if you are still stuck for something to do try trolling some of the other Vancouver blogs out there. My favorite Vancouver blogs are thevancouverite.com, and Beyond Robson

I have found lots of other Vancouver blogs in no perpendicular order; Gus’s Place, Purrrlescence, John Bollwitt, DingoRue, Meg Fowler, Jonathon Narvey, Really Smooth Music, Vancouver Events, Susan Natalie ,Industrial Brand Creative, Gus Greeper, Miss 604, Mike Browne, VanRamblings, Metroblogging Vancouver, Jak’s View From Van, Immutably Me, Kitsilano.ca, Public Eye Online, Urban Vancouver, Darren Barefoot, Breebop, discovervancouver.com If you know of any other Vancouver blogs leave a comment and I will add it to my list.



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