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Waterfall is a drinking game. What you Need to Play

  • teams of at least 2 people (minimum of 4 people)
  • A pint of beer for each person

How to Play the Game Both teams line up facing each other with a pint of beer in their hand.  On the count of three the person at the front of each team starts chugging their beer.  Once they are done, they cheers the next person in line and that person start to chugging their beer.  The first team to finish their beers first wins and the other team buys the next round.  Cat calls, name calling, jokes, and other distraction from either team are encouraged.


  • No spilled beer
  • No puking
  • No touching your opponent

I have played this game many times, it works much better with 5 or more people on each side. It’s one of the best games to start the night off.

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