VHS raven cache


    This is the first Geo Caches that I have ever made. Created after the Geo Cache info session at the Vancouver Hackspace. I put it in an alley in the downtown east side near the entrance to the Vancouver Hackspace. It got approved on Saturday and has already been found by 4 people!

    This cache can be found in one of the alleys of the downtone east side. The alley is decorated with a very nice mural of crows spray painted across the building. There are normally not a lot of people in this area and should be free of muggler. The container is a small, water proof magnetic box that has room for a few small items. It was created during a Geo Caching info session at The Vancouver HackSpace. The location is next to the Vancouver hackspace; Vancouver Hack Space provides a physical space where every creative type can gather to share ideas, equipment, and opinions. We aim to create a 24/7 brain gym where members can show up and work on personal projects, consult with friends, and learn new tricks. More than just a studio space with tools, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.