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restaurant_iconVancouver has thousands of restaurant to choose from and each week me and a few friends try out a new one. Finding a new restaurants never hard with fantastic websites such as but its are missing a few nice to have features such as a map of all the restaurants in your area, and select a random restaurant.

Selecting a random Vancouver restaurant isn’t that hard just select a random number between 1 and 9999 and replace Restaurant ID{restaurant id} in the address bar. I created a small utility that does this for you and also selects a random restaurant type

With out access to’s database it would be hard to generate a Google map of the local address. (With read DB access I could generate a script with in a day) I have requested the feature a few times but I have not gotten a response. Maybe if a few of my readers also request it they might implement it. Contact

Anyone know of a local Vancouver restaurant site that has a map of the local restaurants?

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