Vancouver (GVRD) Taxi Numbers

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Yellow Cab

Often I find that I can find a cab when I need one in this city. So here is a list of all the major Cab companies in Vancouver.

Bel Air/Coquitlam Cabs - 604.942.8080 Black Top/Checker - 604.731.1111 Bonny’s (Burnaby) - 604.435.6655 Kimber (Richmond) - 604.488.8888 MacLure’s - 604.683.6666 North Shore - 604.987.7171 Queen City - 604.526.1166 Richmond Cabs - 604.272.1111 Royal City - 604.521.6666 Select - 604.433.4466 Sunshine (Delta) - 604.594.5444 Sunshine (N. Shore) - 604.988.8888 Van City Cabs - 604.871.1111 Yellow - 604.681.1111

They can not refuse to pay with credit card, if there system is down they can Phone it in to the office. This is a scam to pocket the money from your card. Source If they say that they are going to take you to a debit machine to get money make sure that they turn off the timer first, how is it your fault that there system is down.



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