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Twenty Six is a dice game. This is a banking game that was popular in the Midwest USA between the 1930s and 1950s. It was often played in taverns, which would make payoffs in drinks, until anti-gambling legislation virtually killed the game off.

An operator will often provide a score sheet which states the rules and payoffs made on bets. Of course the odds are always in the operator"s favor. What you Need to Play

  • 10 dice

The Object of the Game To guess how many times your point number comes up.

How to Play the Game A player selects a number from 1-6 as his point number.  He then throws the ten dice 13 times. His score is the number of times that his point number is thrown.

Payoffs made by the operator vary but the following is considered to be the most common. Score                                Pay-off Odds 10 or less                         10-1 13                                        5-1 26                                        4-1 27                                        5-1 28                                        6-1 29                                        8-1 30 or more                      10-1

Any other score loses.

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