Translink sucks in Vancouver

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This will mark my 25th complaint sent to translink contact us forum this year. That’s  more then >3 a month every single month.

Incident: The #2568 bus @11:20pm passed by the stop #58125 (EB w Cordova St FS Abbott St) without stopping. There was a few of us at the buss stop including me with my bike. One of the people at the stop was even waving at the bus driver. After the bus passed by us without stopping, I got on my bike and rushed off to science world skytrain station stop. Where I was able to catch up with the bus. I confronted the bus driver and told him that he missed a stop. I told him that I was not please about the situation and that I would report him. As I am doing now. I do not appreciated being left at a bus stop late at night, downtown. Please see that this does not happen again.




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