Tractor Pull

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Tractor Pull is a drinking game.

What you Need to Play

  • 6 cups
  • 1 shot glass
  • 2 cans of beer per person
  • a time keeper

How to Play the Game Line up each cup on a table and put one shot of beer in the first cup, two shots in the second cup, three shots in the third cup, four shots in the fourth cup, five shots in the fifth cup, six shots in the sixth cup.  The first player holds cup one (the one with one shot) in his hand.  The timekeeper is ready with the stopwatch and begins timing when the cup hits the players mouth.  The players goal is to finish all of the cups in one minute, preferably without puking all over the place.  If he doesn"t finish all the cups his results are based on the amount of beer he has finished, if he does finish his results are based on the time it took.

It is very important that the players start with the one ounce cup otherwise the game is very easy to complete. This game is deceiving because you wind up drinking 21 ozs of beer in a very short time.

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