The last batch of GeoCoins

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I was able to compleat the last bunch of GeoCoins tonight at VHS. These ones turned out better then the first two batches. I sanded the surface of the coins just a little to remove some of the extra burn marks. They made the lines lighter but a lot more readable.


I also printed the main two gears in the Nautilus Gears from I wasn’t impressed with the source files and had to make multiple changes to the files before i could get them to print right. I am planning on printing the backing plate tomorrow.

Here is small video of the Nautilus Gear working

I printed some other stuff as well, mostly gifts for friends and family. I am not entirely happy with them and I plan on fixing them tomorrow.

I am almost out of materials and I don’t want to purchase anything else until I get back from World Maker Faire in NY.

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