The Giant Claw Game! - Relay H-Bridge and Circuit Design


    Over the week I worked on the Relay H Bridge,  software and circuit diagrams for this project. Only 1 more week till it needs to be done.

    Relay H Bridge 

    After finding out that my L298 H Bridge was not powerful enough to operate my gantry motors last week, I switched over to use a Relay H Bridge. The advantages of using a relay instead of the L298 is that the relay can take a lot more current but the switching frequency is much slower (~40 hz)

    1 0 Forward
    0 1 Reverse
    1 1 Motor stop
    0 0 Motor stop

    Relay H Bridge

    Image source:

    Circuit Design

    I don’t have much experience with circuit design but I think this makes sense. I built it with and online circuit designer.

     big-claw-game circuit


    Arduino Software

    The code for the Arduino is pretty strait forward. Move the claw around until the fire button is pressed, then drop the claw and pick up a toy and bring it back to the start location. The source code for the The Giant Claw Game can be found on my GitHub account.