Testing writing from Windows Live Writer

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Push for web apps
Currently there is a real push for everything to work in a browser, thin clients. For example; Email, Word processors (like Google docs), calendars, contact lists, router administration ect. It makes sense since everyone has a browsers, they all work relatively the same and its cross platform, plus its available anywhere there is a internet connection. With Google Gears (and Yahoo whatever?) these browser apps can work offline as well as online.

Not for every situation
As much as I like thin web apps, I still want a desktop client. My Blog is a perfect example, I won"t write new posts unless I have a desktop client. The tiniest little bit of extra effort I have to put in to login to the online services usually deters me from making updates. I also never write a post in one sitting, usually I will have 5-10 drafts that I add to over the day. When ever I finish a post a schedule it for the next day incase I think of anything else to add to it. Its just harder to do that with a online app.

Enter Windows Live Writer
Today a friend suggested I try " Windows Live Writer" a desktop blog client that works with Wordpress. I have tried many different desktop clients before and have always left wanting. But so far it seems pretty decent.

Why I Like it

  • It works with wordpress - not only does it work with wordpress but it works well, it downloads all the categories/tags so i don"t have to enter them manually. 
    • You can also add new categories from the client.
    • Set the publish date
    • and other wordpress features.
  • Live preview - You can preview a post with your current theme before you post it, from with in the client.
  • You can edit the source - I"m shocked on how many desktop clients don"t have this simple option.
  • Simple interface - So simple my parents could use it

I"m going to try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes, So far I'm pretty impressed.

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