Swipe is a elimination dice game for two to six players made by Fundex Games in 2004.

    What You Need to Play

    Object of the Game To collect all the chips.

    How to Play Each player starts with two dice and two chips.  When playing with 5 or 6 players each player starts with one die to start.

    The game start with the youngest player rolling off of their dice.  Each die has five different values: 5-6 win a chip from the center 4 win a die from the center 3 lose a die to the center 2 swipe a die from any player 1 swipe a chip from any player

    After rolling, the player does whatever the dice say.  The turn then passes to the player to the left.  It is important to note that a player cannot lose all of their dice; one is the fewest number of dice a player can have.  The game is over once all chips are won from the center.