Super Happy Hacker House 0E

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It has been since early-February where we’ve had Super Happy Hacker House and it’ll be more exciting than ever! Come down to Vancouver Hack Space this upcoming Saturday, March 19th at 7 PM and join in on some good fun! Not a member? We simply ask for a donation small or large! Are you a member? What excuse do you have for not coming?!? Bring a project or perhaps assist someone on one! Big or small, it is probably cool! Just want to come hang out and talk? Sure! Want to bring some beer? We always love beer! If you want to present something, we even allocate some time to do two-minute lightning talks! VHS is located at 45 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, just a few blocks northeast of Stadium-Chinatown Station with the entrance in the rear. If you run into problems getting in, we can be reached at (778) 785-5982. Someone should be there to assist you! Come on down!



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