Stephos Greek Taverna - The artificial line

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stephos_greek_taverna_1.jpgIn my never ending search for new and interesting restaurants in Vancouver, places like Stepho’s Greek Taverna and The Naam often get suggested. most of the time they comes with a warring ‘You will have to wait in line for at lest 20 mins but the food is good’.

I been to both places there good there is no denying that but not worth the wait there are lots of other superior Greek places in Vancouver that take reservations and aren’t so over crowed for the same price.

So why are these places so popular?

Some of the users on suggest that its the line its self that makes it so popular. When people walk by the see the long line and say to them selfs “that place must be good if its got such a long line”. It makes sense too, clubs and bars have know this for years(The Roxy comes to mind) . You see a long line in front of a club and you think to yourself that place must be popular, there has to be a pretty show in there, that place must be pretty exclusive I wonder if they would LET me in there.

Some people are starting to wise up thou the place right down the street is gets a pretty good run off of people from Stephos and the mongolain place across the stree and west a bit is pretty popular thanks to there artificial line.

Stephos is a place for people that want to feel privileged to be let in to a place that makes them wait, me I won’t be going back anytime soon.

Thanks to waqas for the photo of Stephos.



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