Status update Feb 15

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  • Ray Gun Revival has been launched. We sent out 8k unsolicited email newsletter to anyone that had anything to do with the old site and only ~50 people followed the link and signed up for the newsletter. Showing me that spam just doesn't work.
  • Ray Gun Revival teaser trailer was released a week later then the launch but more polished for it. Tell me what you think. Also Check out the making of time laps video </embed> Starring:, Rod Bird as Aging Space Ace, Adam Kerby as Space Radio Announcer Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Story: Andy LeBlanc Script: Jordan Ellinger Producers: Steven Smethurst,  Jordan Ellinger, Andy LeBlanc
  • Maker faire Vancouver 2011 was announced. Including the call to makers  for projects. I got a few projects planned, mostly for kids. Its just easier to please kids. I am planning on making a giant spin art rig. Its easy, the parts aren't that expensive and kids will love it. Build instructions appeared in Maker magazine (volume #25) 
  • Still working on my stencils but currently I only have gold spay paint and it limits what I can do. Next week will be 2 layer and three layer stencils.
  • I moved the data sensor from inside the VHS where they NEVER turn off the lights to just outside the window. Because it captures the sunrise and sunset the data that it produces is a little more interesting.
  • Tag your life, Tag each day with keywords, over time I want to see if there is correlation between certain actions and results of these actions. For example do i have a trouble waking up in the morning if I eat pizza, or am I more likely eat sushi on Sundays over Mondays. It uses Facebook for user accounts so anyone can create an account easily. later I hope to add the ability to update your Facebook feed with the gets of the week. Feel free to try it out.
  • I have been keeping up with my Happiness survey. Since I have added the analog happiness selector I find that people report there own happiness more accurately.  We currently have 33 uses, feel free to contact me if you would like to be part of the survey.
  • I went to the Yaletown Illuminate festival to see a fellow VHSer project. It was an interesting night but there was only 13 projects and I was done walking the street in about an hour. Took some interesting pictures.

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