Solstice Lunar Eclipse! Dec 20th 2010

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The first total lunar eclipse in two years will grace the sky the night of Monday, Dec. 20, and we want you to be there. Sure, it's a school night, but with winter solstice and a new year upon us, what better time to gather your family and friends to see the moon in a new light? Source:

Not only is is the lunar eclipse but its also the winter solstice. The Hippies are going to be out in full force tonight. But they may have to compete with the doom sayers as they are predicting that the Mayan calendar may not have been 2012 but dec 21, 2010.

In Vancouver, BC  the lunar eclipse will happen at 10:33 PM. I am planning on going to Queen Elizabeth park to watch it and freeze my ass off. Good times.



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