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Ship is a Battleship dice game. I have only played this game once, and it’s pretty simple compound game that is easy to learn and play. We played it for shots with and old timer in a Leagion.  I have never seen it played anywhere else.

This game is also known as Battleship, Mariner, Destroyer, €˜Ship, Captain, and Crew", Six-Five-Four, and sometimes just Ship.

What you need to play

  • 5 dice
  • 2 or more players
  • A sheet of paper for keeping score for more then one turn.

How to play the game Each player takes turns throwing the dice.  In each turn the player has 3 throws to put aside The Ship (6), The captain (5), and The first mate (4). The player must get 6,5,4 in order for them to count.  At the end of your turn if you have set aside the 6,5,4 in order count up the remaining dice (the crew) and use it for your turn score. if you fail to get 6,5,4 in order then you gain nothing for this turn.  It may sound complicated but it’s not really that hard.

Example Play On the first roll the player throws the dice and gets 6,4,3,1,1.  The first throws contains a The Ship (6) and The First mate (4) but not The Captain (5).  The player would only be able to count The ship (6), all the other dice including the 4 would have to be re-rolled.  On the second roll the player rolls four dice (the fifth dice being 6, was set aside in the last round).  He rolls 5,4,3,3.  He has rolled the Captain (5) and the First mate (4), the remaining dice (3,3) are added up and used as your turn score for a total of 6 points.


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